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Purchase with correction

Uncorrected lenses are suitable for anyone who wants to preserve their visual quality by blocking the emission of blue lights, while wishing to perfect their style. You can then choose “No correction” after selecting the pair of bezels of your choice, then select the “Anti Blue Light” option. You can also add the hydrophobic option that will make it easier to clean your glasses.


Purchase without correction

If, however, you would like to add the correction prescribed by your ophthalmologist, then here is a more in-depth explanation to accompany you when selecting your glasses.


Order in 4 steps:


This selection contains the corrector lenses called unifocaux possess the same correction power on the entire surface of the glass. They are intended for you, whether you are short-sighted, astigmatistic, hypermetropic or presbyopia.

All our lenses are organic, and because your visual quality is our main concern, we include free anti-scratch and anti-reflective treatments for each of our lenses.

Organic lenses offer many visual qualities such as:

– An important lightness

– Significant UV filtration

– Significant solidity and clarity of images

These are prescribed against presbyopia, which is the natural aging of the eye that occurs around 50 years of age.
These corrective lenses called progressive possessing different fields and correction power on the whole glass, this correction evolution on the glass is carried out from the top to the bottom of the glass gradually hence the appellation.

Our progressive lenses respect a smooth progression and without pronounced demarcation of the correction to ensure your visual comfort.


Our different ranges and choices:

  • Choice 1; Standard glass: Thickness 1.57

These glasses would be suitable for small corrections (corrections included below 2)

  • Choice 2; Fine glass: Thickness 1.64

These glasses would be suitable for severe corrections (corrections between 2 and 4)

  • Choice 3; Extra fine glass: Thickness 1.74

These lenses would be suitable for very strong corrections (corrections included greater than 4)

The table below will allow you to locate yourself and choose the glass that is most suitable for you:

In order to add your fix there are two possibilities:

  • Download your prescription:

A simple click on this option will allow you to add your prescription and add this document, so we can have the necessary information in order to make a custom pair to your correction.

  • Provide your prescription:

Get your ophthalmologist’s prescription and fill it in the boxes provided for this purpose. In order to accompany you in this procedure here is the example of an order



Sphere Cylinder Axis 1/2 Spread Gap
Right Eye: OD +1,75 (-0,30) 10th 31.5 mm 60.5mm
Left Eye: OG +1,25 (-0,50) (6) 29 mm

Below is how this information can be written on your prescription:

Right Eye: $1.75 (-0.30)10

Left Eye: 1.25(-0.50)6

Right Eye Pupil Gap: 31.5 mm

Left Eye Pupil Spread: 29 mm

The information in parenthesis corresponds to the cylinder,the information with the degree sign “O” is theaxis, the information without parenthesis corresponds to the sphere and the information with the word EP or 1/2 pupil gap expressed in mm is the pupil gap. .

After selecting the correction of your lenses or having selected the frame with the lenses without correction.
In summary:


You’ll need to see the premium options below an explanation of the extra treatments your lenses may contain to increase their visual comfort:


  • Blue Coating:

What is blue light:

Blue light is an integral part of the spectrum of white light, it is present everywhere, its wavelength is between 370 and 520 nanometers.

Some blue light is even positive for our body, however the blue light emitted by our screens is harmful due to its high energy that can cause damage to the retina.


Why we need to protect ourselves from it

The average exposure of a person to a screen is 6 hours a day or more than 2000 hours per year! The blue light present in most of our screens is harmful, they diffuse peaks of blue light also called HEV (High Visible Energy Light).

These peaks cause glare which by our overexposure can affect visual quality, the creation of visual acuity disorder and over time cause irreversible damage to the retina by leading to macular degeneration.

  • Hydrophobic:

The hydrophobic treatment of your glasses will allow you to facilitate the daily cleaning of your glasses.